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4.9 out of 5 stars
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121 Friends Lane, #Suite 100NewtownPA18940US Solution Centers2159681661
121 Friends Lane, #Suite 100NewtownPA18940US Solution Centers2159681661
5 out of 5 stars
121 Friends Lane, #Suite 100NewtownPA18940US Solution Centers2159681661
I have not had a knock down and out episode with my back since regularly going to WSC. I have been going there for years. Dr. Dane is the best!!!
121 Friends Lane, #Suite 100NewtownPA18940US Solution Centers2159681661
“I could barely walk without wincing before a visit with Dr. Dane. I left with at least 50% more mobility and the next day, only had minor pain. I honestly can't think of a doctor who has ever more had more of an immediate impact! The entire staff is so ...” View Allcaring and makes you feel like you've been going there for years! Plus they care about total wellness, not just a quick fix. Don't hesitate...schedule a visit. Your body will thank you.”

Excellent experience everytime

The Wellness center is highly professional, however you always feel like you are dealing with friends. The staff is exceptional as well as the Doctors. They go out of their way to make sure you always get the most out of every visit. They take no shortcuts in making sure you get the best treatment. They take the time to educate you about your treatment, and your health. I look forward to my weekly visits not just for the physical relief, but also for the interaction with some of the kindest, friendliest people I know. Truly a Healing experience in todays fast paced, hectic world.

John W
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Thank you for offering the type of care that leads to greater health and wellness!

I had a massage with Lisa and an adjustment with Dr. Denise…. These regular visits are a wonderful opportunity that allowed me to relax, to clear my mind, and to come out feeling refreshed. I look forward to these little escapes, knowing they are helpful to me in more ways than one!

Marg L
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Simply the Best!!

I started going to WSC in April of 2013. I really had to lose weight and was at my wits end. Nothing I tried worked. Then a friend introduced me to the WSC and their 8 Weeks to Wellness program. The first day I walked thru their doors, I was welcomed as if I was a member of the family. Everyone was so welcoming! I immediately felt at ease and knew this was the place I would find success. i lost 87 pound on the program and have kept it off!! The front desk staff, massage therapists, doctors, and fitness trainers combine to make WSC simply the best overall wellness center on the planet!! I have never felt better or been healthier and physically fit in my entire life. I love all of the staff there!!!

Debby C
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Friendly, Informative, Attentive

When my daughter woke up she could not move her neck and was in a lot of pain. I called Dr. Denise to find out when she could be seen. She was examined within a couple hours of my call. The staff was friendly, informative, attentive and put her mind at ease. Her examination was extremely thorough and a treatment plan was determined based on our daughter’s schedule. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a solution to any neck, back or shoulder pain.

Paula B
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Perfection in health care

The entire staff is very professional and will answer questions and guide you. The chiropractors are all great, especially Denise. The massage by Darlene was just what I needed to help me relax. This is a top quality health care facility.

Karen M
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Just got back from my visit with dr Jerry! feeling better after I walked out! Today I had the pleasure of dealing with Stephanie and Joyce! They always fit me in last minute! Just found out its Stephanie’s last week and I will miss seeing her smiling face! Thanks for the great pleasant service today guys! Not sure what I would do without Wellness Solution Center!😊

Coleen B
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Always Wonderful

Have been seeing the chiropractors at WSC for 18 months and they have literally given me my life back. I was in so much pain from 2 slipped discs, and they worked with me to get my health back. The care was so incredibly personalized, warm, and caring, that even though I’m so much better, I go for adjustments every week. In addition, I started getting therapeutic massages about 6 months ago, and I now get them 2x per month. I have never been to a center like this. Literally everyone there is: kind, warm, caring, and great at what they do. From the front desk to the doctors to the massage people and the acupuncturist. I cannot say enough about them all. Thank you WSC!

Niki F
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Best in the Field

I have been a member of the Wellness Solution Center for approximately 3 weeks. In that time, I have received expert evaluation, chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional and physical training guidance. In addition to this, staff are professional, friendly, and accommodating. Three weeks seems like a relatively short time, however, I have experienced positive results in decreased pain level, better sleep, a conscious attitude towards maintaining healthy eating habits, lifestyle choices, and importantly an increased desire to achieve my maximum potential with regard to maintaining my active lifestyle. Excellent health is achieved when an individual recognizes everything begins with a healthy nervous system, a healthy immune system, a strong body, and a healthy mental attitude or mindset. The professionals at The Wellness Solution Center in Newtown Pa are absolutely among the best to provide what a client may need in that regard. Don’t wait to join! You’ll be glad you did! I am!

Pat S
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