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It’s that time of the year when school starts and so does the fall sports season for field hockey, soccer, tennis, football, and cross-country track to name a few. Our office sees many teenage athletes during this time because the new season brings increased practice time (sometimes twice daily). This of course, if not properly prepared, leads to fatigue and injuries. Neck and back strains, hamstring, shoulder and calf strains, are the more common ones. Most of these injuries can be traced back to poor posture and/or poor mobility!

As an athlete myself, I know first-hand that no one likes to sit on the sidelines while injured. Athletic posture includes the way you hold your body and the position of your spine, joints, and head. It affects biomechanics, motor function, and the likelihood of injury. It should be seen as the foundation of all functional movements. However, it is possibly the area that gets the least attention. Building athletic performance on a poor foundation should be avoided at all costs.

Excellent movement begins with proper posture! It puts the many muscles of the body in the safest and most efficient positions to produce force! Bad posture, on the other hand, leads to a loss of strength and power when it matters most and can predispose an athlete to injury.

Bad posture has many causes, including, overuse of certain muscles, poor exercise choices, and lack of attention to how we sit and stand. Fortunately, most postural flaws can be fixed with the right exercises and improved body awareness. Our trainers teach the “Art of Perfect Posture.” Let them help you!           

4 Exercises to Fix Bad Posture and Help You Move Better:

  1. For kyphosis (hunchback) – Foam roller T spine extension
  2. For Internally rotated shoulders – Therapy bands
  3. For anterior pelvic tilt – Medicine ball dead bugs
  4. For all of the above – Deadlifts (just the bar)

We want you to improve performance and avoid injury! If you or someone you love hasn’t had recent posture pictures taken, please set up a time with our staff. It only takes a few minutes. If you’re apprehensive of the fitness center, let us give you a complementary buddy pass to work out with our trainers for a week. They will evaluate you and meet you where you are fitness-wise. You must start somewhere.

I see too many unnecessary injuries with my tennis partners.  Dr. Dane sees it among his cross-fit buddies, and Dr. Roger sees it with his martial arts friends. We want to help you avoid a future injury.

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