Healthspan vs. Lifespan

One of my mentors is Dr. Peter Attia, M.D., an amazingly smart guy and incredible healthy individual. I believe a great doctor is also a great role model for health and he is! He is the foremost authority on longevity and aging in the world.

Dr. Attia talks about the concept of Lifespan (how long you live) vs. Healthspan (how well you function during your life). The truth is we all want both a long lifespan and a long healthspan. Lifespan in the US is about 79 years while Healthspan is 63 years. In other words, we are living an average of 63 years of healthy life followed by the burden of chronic disease. Currently in the US, eighty percent of Americans sixty-five and older have at least one chronic condition — cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and with fifty percent of Americans sixtyfive and older have two. That means most older Americans are battling serious illnesses and disabilities throughout their senior years. Take a look at the graphic below.

Dr. Attia says that there are 3 things we need to focus on to improve our Healthspan. First is our Brain—namely, how long can you preserve cognition (i.e., executive function, processing speed, short-term memory). Second is our Body—specifically, how long can you maintain muscle mass, functional movement and strength, flexibility, and freedom from pain. Lastly is our Spirit—how robust is your social support network and your sense of purpose. We want to be able to Think well, move well and connect well with others as we age. Who wants to live to the ripe old age of 90 or 100 if you don’t know who you are, can’t get out of a chair or are sitting in a nursing home with no social connections to family or friends?

At Wellness Solutions Centers, we are focused on improving your lifespan and healthspan by helping you eat better through whole foods, move better through functional exercise, think and manage stress better through introspection, prayer and meditation, supplement better with the important ones (vitamin D3, probiotics, omega-3), sleep better and place a priority on serving your purpose in life. We don’t want you to live long and suffer old, we want you to live long with optimal function as you enter the last quarter of your life.  Be a blessing not a burden as you get age.                   

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