About Chiropractic Care in Newtown, PA

What Can Wellness Solution Centers Do For You?

In November 2007, The Bucks County Wellness Centre and Agasar Chiropractic merged their practices into the Wellness Solution Centers. Formerly, the offices were located in Langhorne, Washington Crossing and Newtown, Pennsylvania. The first of the Wellness Solution Centers was started in Bucks County, right off of I-95 in Newtown, PA.

More than just a chiropractic office

Their practice, which first began strictly as a Chiropractic office, has grown tremendously over the years due to patient demand and their success in approaching health from a wellness standpoint rather than sickness. Wellness is deeply rooted in their lives, and consequently, they’ve expanded their services to now include: Chiropractic, massage therapy, meditation, nutritional and weight-loss counseling, personal fitness training, yoga, meditation and many other services.

8 Weeks to Wellness

This wellness approach has led to development of the 8 Weeks to Wellness® program for which the doctors are uniquely qualified. Looking at them, you would know instantly that they “practice what they preach.” articulate, energetic, and supremely healthy, they resonate wellness and promise the same results for their patients through motivation and instruction.


What services do you offer?

We are a ‘wellness’ practice with a foundation in chiropractic care. We also offer personal training, therapeutic massage, meditation session, and nutrition counseling.


What is chiropractic and how would it benefit me?

Chiropractic care addresses the integrity of your nervous system, which allows your body to function at its best. By improving and maintaining a healthy spine, you will improve the function of your nerves, organs, cells, muscles, etc.


Do you accept insurance?

We accept most insurances and would need to verify your insurance information to obtain your specific coverage, along with any deductibles, co-pays, etc. (as it relates to chiropractic care). Please fee free to call us if you would like to know your plan’s coverage and we would be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding your insurance benefits.


How do I set up an appointment & what takes place at that visit?

Once we verify your insurance (if applicable) we will schedule a one (1) hour new patient exam which includes xrays, scans, and various measurements. We will incorporate that information into your own personal ‘wellness score’ which we will review with you at your second visit, called the “report of findings”.


Can I just exercise at your facility?

Since your wellness needs are our first priority, we require all new patients to have a full exam before proceeding with our exercise services. Chiropractic care and the integrity of your spine and nervous system is extremely important when undertaking any exercise program, so we design your care to incorporate both.

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