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8WW Orientation at Wellness Solution Centers

8 Weeks to Wellness Orientation

Curious as to what 8 Weeks to Wellness is? Join us for a free class on how to eat better, move better, think better, and sleep better. Come learn the details of the 8 Weeks to Wellness program. This program has changed and helped so many people regain their health and vitality and it can help you too!

Free Yoga Classes at Wellness Solution Centers

Free Yoga Classes

Come join us for postural and restorative yoga. You will learn simple and gentle yoga techniques to help you improve your flexibility, posture and overall sense of well-being. All are welcome and modifications can be made based on your ability level. If you think you’re not ready for this…Join the crowd. Come!

Classes are Tuesday at 7:00p, Thursday and Saturday at 12:00p. FREE!