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The Wellness Solution Centers LECTURE SERIES Eat, move and think well. The three most important components of any health care program are education, support and accountability. The quality of your health is completely dependent on the everyday choices you make. With this in mind, the Wellness Solution Centers team now offers a free educational lecture series that will greatly benefit your company, organization or group that you belong to. Contact us today for more information on this opportunity. WELLNESS 101 The important wellness basics. Sifting through health and wellness information can seem overwhelming. We will break down the importance and basics of eating, moving and thinking well, making it more manageable for you to implement it in your daily life. This informative workshop will kick-start your wellness journey. EAT WELL How to eat right for a lifetime. It’s estimated that over 80% of all disease stems from poor nutrition. The fact that we have become an “obese” nation is all around us. Participants will learn what carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are and how to properly combine them for optimal digestion and health. We’ll teach you how to read food labels and will present many examples of delicious, healthy food choices for meals and snacks. Nutritional knowledge is essential and an invaluable key to living a healthy life. MOVE WELL The important of exercise and good posture. Today we know from research that movement is not an option. It is as essential to good health as food, water, and oxygen. It is a must and crucial to living a long healthy life. We’re all aware that we should exercise and have good posture. But then, why don’t we? The answer is that exercise takes time from our already hectic schedule and can be uncomfortable and painful. This lecture offers insight and guidelines for making exercise, as well as spinal health, a life long commitment. THINK WELL How thoughts and emotion control your life. Our thoughts ultimately control our lives. Techniques, such as meditation, and other strategies to deal with stress and the difficult times that invariably find their way into our lives, will be taught. This valuable lecture shows why there is a great difference between just “feeling good” vs. “having a good life.” Want more information? Contact Robin Schnee at 267.351.0770 or RobinS@8WW.com. Wellness Solution Centers 121 Friends Lane St 100 Newtown PA 18940 - 215.968.1661 - WSCenters.com

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