Upcoming Nutritional Events

Join Alex Agasar each Wednesday at 6:00P for our weekly nutritional events


Wellness Solution Centers is so excited to start a weekly Wednesday nutritional events classes! These classes will be your guide to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition.

  • Every class will end with a built in time for Question and AnswerUpcoming nutritional events at Wellness Solution Centers
  • Classes will take place at 6:00pm at WSC
  • They are $20 per class, or $115 for 7 classes
  • Classes are included for 8WW patients

Upcoming Nutritional Events Schedule for Feb. – Mar. 2017


Class Topics

February 15th 2017 Introduce nutrition coach Alex, why our nutrition is imperative to our journey to good health, obesity/unhealthy demographics in the U.S, and what WSC will be offering in the nutrition department
February 22nd 2017 Planning, goal setting (new year, new goals!), how to stick with a healthy lifestyle this time, steps to breaking previous habits and making new healthy ones, and why support is super important during your wellness journey
March 1st 2017 Virtual grocery store tour. Understanding labels (they’re super tricky, and not by accident!). Learning how you can buy whole, healthy foods on a budget.
March 8th 2017 Are refined flours and refined sugars the culprit to this unhealthy epidemic? Find the truth about these ‘white foods’, where they’re found, and what they do to the body.
March 15th, 2017 Learn why we shouldn’t fear fat! Healthy fats are necessary for a healthy diet. Where to find healthy fats, how to avoid unhealthy ones, and how to incorporate healthy fats into your daily diet.
March 22nd, 2017 Portion distortion. Portion sizes have dramatically increased by about 20% since the 1970’s. Learn what portions are supposed to look like, and how to stay on track when you are out to eat at your favorite restaurant.
March 29th, 2017 Learn how your diet can be the cause of many common diseases, symptoms, and irritations (IBS, constant lethargy, allergies, hormonal changes, skin issues, etc.), and what you can do about it!