Why is Cancer and Chronic Diseases Still Killing So Many People?

Have you ever wondered? “If we have the most advanced medical care in the world, with the best early detection for most cancers and chronic diseases, then why are these diseases still killing so many people?

I believe the answer lies in “Toxicity”.

All chronic diseases start with inflammation. Our bodies become inflamed when our protective and detoxifying organs are compromised. The body has many organs that work to remove toxins and contaminants like livers, kidneys, skin, and bowels. These organs, as well as others, maintain our immunity which keeps our bodies safe and healthy. However, if we are bombarding our bodies with toxins faster than we can eliminate them, then our bodies will begin to store toxins which damage cells. Since we consume a lot of our toxins, by way of eating nutritionally poor or unhealthy foods, the gut is typically affected first. The toxicity in the gut makes us extremely acidic and prone to inflammatory diseases.


There are specific nutrients that the body requires to “detoxify” and provide a healthy environment in our guts. It is important that you educate yourself on what these vital nutrients are and make sure you consume them on a regular basis. You also need to know which toxins destroy your gut by attacking the healthy probiotic bacteria that are key to normal Gastro-Intestinal function and therefore immune function in the body. This process is called “leaky gut syndrome”.

Think about what would happen if you never cleaned your house, your car or your external body (skin, hair, nails, etc.)? If we didn’t clean our bodies or environment regularly, they would begin to stink with accumulated garbage, bacteria, and debris. Your INTERNAL body is exactly the same. Since we can’t see what our internal body looks like, we need to make sure we are giving it a regular cleaning too.

September 19th- Mental and Physical Detoxification Program “Summer Clean Up/Autumn Renewal

Join us on September 19th for our “autumn renewal” program where we will be discussing our 10-day detox program. During the program we will explain the full process and give you a quick start detox guide. This is an opportunity to educate yourself on keeping your INTERNAL body clean. You will also jump start some weight loss (by way of losing fat), gain back some energy, reduce stress, think clearer, and regain the healthy habits you may have forgotten over the summer!

**Please sign-up at the front desk and bring anyone who needs to “DETOX”

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