Dr. Jerry Agasar, Chiropractor in Newtown, PA


Dr. Jerry Agasar, Wellness Solution Centers, Newtown, PA. Chiropractor.Dr. Jerry Agasar is a second generation Chiropractor who has been practicing in Newtown, PA since February of 1982. Dr. Agasar has a particular passion for serving athletes, as he himself leads a very active life playing tennis, ice hockey and competing with his three children. He loves educating his patients everyday on the importance of maintaining a chiropractic healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising regularly and thinking right. He wants the public to know that maintaining a healthy nervous system is the backbone to a well life. Dr. Agasar is active in his community. He has been a Rotary Club member since 1983 and had the honor to be selected “Rotarian of the Year” in 2005. Dr. Agasar has 3 children, Andrew a future chiropractor, Alexandra and Michael in college. He and his children attend Grace Point Church in Newtown regularly.

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