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What’s Included In Your Exam & Consultation

100% Free Consultation

Expect zero pressure from our team. If we cannot treat your concern, we will guide you in the direction of someone locally who can.

Wellness Testing

Receive a Full Spinal Exam that includes Orthopedic, Neurologic, and Chiropractic tests along with a Computerized Range of Motion Test.

Transparent Treatment Plan

After your consultation, your Doctor will provide you with a complete course of action for your care. Including what the course of treatment be, how long it take and how much will it cost.

Why Wellness Solution Centers?

At the Wellness Solution Centers, we pride ourselves in not only performing services like chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy but also by engaging and teaching our patients to make healthy choices outside of our office for themselves and their families. Our 8 Weeks to Wellness program is a perfect example of getting patients back on track with their health and helping them lose the weight needed to sustain that healthy lifestyle. Our belief is that if you change one person’s habits and outlook on health, it will have a ripple effect, positively influencing the lives of others.

I invite you to try out the Wellness Solution Centers and see how we can help you live the healthiest life possible!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Dane Donohue

- Wellness Solution Centers
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