One of the many questions we ask our new patients is, “what brought you into the office?” The response we often get is a laundry list of painful problems that they’re looking for us to solve. Although no 2 patients are alike, they all have one thing in common: INFLAMMATION!! Inflammation has been historically taught in the context of an acute injury, as in trauma or infection. We now know, without question, that chronic inflammation can rage on for years without swelling, redness and heat, and over time, lead to the development of chronic pain, diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and most other chronic conditions.

It was about 3 years ago, that I, Dr. Roger, was battling some severe inflammation myself. It started as a dull ache in my shoulder that eventually radiated down my left arm and into my fingers. It got so bad that I literally had no feeling in my left index finger. This pain was disturbing every aspect of my life and wasn’t going away despite the fact that I was getting adjusted 3-4 days a week, getting a massage, was stretching daily and eventually went to another chiropractor for spinal decompression. Nothing worked. It was a scary feeling and I was losing hope. That was until I did the 10 Day Detox…

For me, the 10 Day Detox that we offer in the office was life-changing. By day 4 of the detox I regained all of the feeling in my left index finger and by day 10, my energy was through the roof and I had only a slight twinge of pain in my shoulder. Three years later I am still pain-free and have no symptoms or weakness in my left arm and hand because I continue to eliminate as much as possible because I got rid of the following 3 pro-inflammatory foods:

SUGAR! There are at least 57 names for sugar, and manufacturers cleverly disguise sugar within ingredients you wouldn’t recognize as sugar. Anything ending in “ose” is sugar. If food labels bewilder you, simply switch to whole, unprocessed foods and you can guarantee you won’t get HFCS or other man-made sweeteners. Even though sugar and inflammation serve important functions in our bodies in moderation, the problem arises when we eat too much sugar, which results in too much inflammation. This can happen when we eat a lot of processed foods with added sugar and refined carbohydrates. Examples include soda, juice, and other sugar-sweetened beverages, white bread, white flour, white rice, processed snack foods like cookies, crackers, chips, and desserts like doughnuts, cake, and ice cream. Eating too many foods with added sugar and refined carbohydrates can result in long-term internal inflammation that doesn’t serve any useful function in our body and can actually be harmful to our health. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Milk is designed by nature to make calves gain weight quickly. And since we are not calves—or even babies any longer—our bodies do not require milk. Contrary to popular belief and advertisement, bone strength does not come from consuming milk and other dairy products but from plant foods. In fact, dairy is a highly inflammatory food for most people. And more processing (“skimming”) does not make it any healthier, only more inflammatory.

Refined Wheat Flours have been stripped of their slow-digesting fiber and nutrients, which means your body can break down the foods made from this ingredient very quickly. The more quickly your body digests glucose-containing foods, like these carbs, the faster your blood sugar levels can spike, which also spikes your insulin levels—a compound associated with a pro-inflammatory response. A Journal of Nutrition study found that a diet high in refined grains showed a greater concentration of the inflammatory marker, PAI-1, in the blood. On the other hand, a diet rich in whole grains resulted in a lower concentration of the same marker as well as one of the most well-known inflammatory biomarkers, C-reactive protein (CRP).

If you are looking to improve up your health, rid your body of toxins and reduce your inflammation, the 10 Day Detox is one of the best ways we know to make this happen. Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow and it’s only 10 days! For more information please see ask one of the doctors or any of our staff or call our office. We are happy to explain it to you!


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